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News: Time


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News: Discovery Channel


June 13, 2009 — A potentially dangerous hydrogen gas leak cropped up during the fueling of space shuttle Endeavour on Saturday and forced NASA to postpone the launch by at least four days.

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‘Older’ Madeleine image released


An image of how Madeleine McCann might look now, if still alive, has been released ahead of the second anniversary of her disappearance.

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BBC Learning English


Europe’s first confirmed case of swine flu has been diagnosed in Spain. The country’s health ministry confirmed the news on Monday morning, after tests on a man who had recently returned from a trip to Mexico.

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Low-Flying Obama Plane Spreads Panic In NYC


Hundreds of New Yorkers fled their offices after seeing a plane and fighter jet flying near the World Trade Centre site. It turned out to be one of President Obama’s official jets that was involved in a photo op. NY mayor Michael Bloomberg was “furious”.


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Sky News: Swine Flu: Travel Question and Answer


As fears over the swine flu pandemic threat grow, how is global travel affected?

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BBC News: Swine Flu

traveller-wearing-masks-d-002The deadly swine flu virus can no longer be contained, says a WHO official, as the health agency raises its alert level.

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Project:BBC School Report


Some lesson plans to explain the news-making process followed by professional journalists. The objectives are  the students have to try the following resources: finding, gathering, writing, assembling, ordering and broadcasting news.

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CBBC Newsround Games



Deep Blue Sea Explorer

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News About Britain


Stars of Mamma Mia film meet members of the band ABBA

Listen to the news about Mamma Mia film. The film is based on the songs of legendary Swedish pop band ABBA and is an adaptation of the musical of the same name.

Mamma Mia! uses the music of ABBA to tell the story of Sophie Sheridan, a 21-year-old American bride-to-be, trying to find out the identity of her real father so that he can give her away at the wedding.

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