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Writing business letters – Useful phrases

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Letter Writing Guide

Letter Writing & Sample Letters

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Space Webquest

Out in space, there are millions of stars with planets that go around them.  The sun is one of those stars.  Earth is one of the planets that goes around the sun.

Stars, like our sun, shine with their own light.  Planets have no visible light of their own.  They are lit by the light that falls on them from their star.  Compared to other stars, the sun is medium size and medium bright.

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Webquest Collections

by Crystal Pearl-Hodgins

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Elementary WebQuests

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Are You Aware Of Eating Disorders?

Eating disorders are serious, sometimes life-threatening, conditions that tend to be chronic. They usually arise in adolescence and disproportionately affect females. About 3 percent of young women have one of the three main eating disorders: anorexia, bulimia, or binge-eating disorder. An eating disorder is an abnormal relationship with food. A person who uses food to cope with life’s stresses has an eating disorder. They are usually classified as “mental” disorders.

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Treasure Hunt for Woman’s Day

Look at the list of women on your left and try to match their names to what they did (numbers)and Why they are important for History or Literature (letters).

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Aesop’s Fables

Welcome to Aesop’s Fables

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Kitchen and Food Safety

You are part of a home economics class that will be preparing and serving food for two evening dinner theatre performances to be given by your high school drama group.  The class has been divided into groups to tackle the project.  Your group has been assigned the task of preventing food-borne illness and ensuring that the dinners will be safely prepared, served and stored.  Your group will accomplish this task by educating yourselves and your classmates about kitchen and food safety through the creation of a Food Safety Mini-course.

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Women in World History

Our heroes are women whom we consider central figures in an event or a period. They are “heroic” because of their abilities, achievements or qualities that helped define the age in which they lived. Our rulers are women who achieved the right to rule in their own name.

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