Cyber Amparo



These stories are wonderful for all ages. They involve kids in the lives of fascinating characters and have just that perfect sense of humor that makes reading them a real treat.

Candle Stories

Artiek Napp’s Stories

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The Giant and the Tailor

giantadTravel into unknown lands with the adventurous tailor who meets a giant. This animation is a fairy tale classic from the Brothers Grimm.

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Animation: The Wise Man in the Forest

images30Go into the forest if you dare. Seek your fortune and beware! A scary Halloween treat for the strong of heart. Make sure you turn your sound on for this one! You must hear your fortune told.

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Audio Story: Tom Swift and the visitor from Planet X


Here’s an excellent audio download of one of the old Tom Swift adventure books, Tom Swift and the Visitor from Planet X.  The reading is by Roy Trumbull at the Story Spieler Podcast.

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Grimms’ Fairy Tales


You can read Grimms Fairy Tales here.

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Audio Stories


The Golden Goose

This story is read by Alessandro Cima.

This is a story from the collection of the Brothers Grimm. It concerns three brothers, one of whom is a simpleton. When this simpleton finds a golden goose opportunities and complications seem to meet him at every turn.

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Poetry Through The Ages


Poetry through the ages is an excellent site that offers clear and concise explanations of different poetic forms, a general history of poetry and a simple guide to reading and appreciating difficult poems.

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